Depression Alliance has merged with Mind

This website is no longer being updated

We're Mind, the mental health charity. We provide advice and support to anyone with a mental health problem. We're continuing to run Friends in Need and to support Depression Alliance's self-help groups. We can offer you advice and support on depression, too.

Blog for us

Our blogs are changing the way we understand depression. Your words have the power to give comfort and hope to someone just like you, and to inspire our friends, families and communities to talk about what depression is really like. Whether you have depression yourself or are close to someone who does, please email us your blog post, and don’t forget to include a subject heading, a photo of you and a sentence or two about you to help our readers get to know you.

The blog posts we publish are,

  • no more than 600 words per post
  • based on a specific subject, like ‘the five things I need most when I’m unwell’ or ‘my first day back at work after sickness leave’, rather than a more general account of your story
  • structured, with an introduction, middle and conclusion
  • personal, based around your own experiences of depression and recovery
  • written by anyone affected by depression, including families, colleagues and mental health professionals
  • based around topics related to depression, including self esteem, motivation and relationships
  • friendly and easy to read

We’re less likely to publish your blog post if,

  • it’s too long
  • it’s a general account of your mental health history, rather than specific issues or experiences
  • it’s academic, theoretical or contains lots of jargon
  • it focuses mainly on a specific medication or mental health policy
  • it contains triggers that others might find unhelpful, such as graphic descriptions of self harm or suicide attempts

We try to reply to everyone, but sticking to the guidelines above means you’re more likely to hear from us and to have your blog published. We can’t promise we’ll be able to share every blog post we receive, but if you feel passionately about ending the loneliness of depression why not join Depression Alliance and support our vital work, or meet new friends today in our Friends in Need community.