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Depression is a feeling of persistent sadness, involving feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. It involves not only mood but also feelings of being physically ill and of not being able to think clearly. It is one of the most common conditions in the UK, affecting at least one in five people during their lifetime. It is also one of the most misunderstood. We believe that the lack of accurate information surrounding depression continues to prevent those affected from seeking and finding help when it is required.

No-one should fear depression; the vast majority of people affected will make a full recovery after appropriate treatment. Successful treatment can involve a variety of different approaches, including self-help, psychotherapy, or medication. Depression Alliance is committed to offering people with depression information about the options available so that they can work with their doctor to make an informed decision about their own treatment.


"Everybody contemplates suicide, and when we are depressed we contemplate it very seriously indeed, for it seems to offer a way out of the prison of depression ..."

From "Breaking the Bonds" by Dorothy Rowe

If you feel that you are suffering from depression and have thoughts of suicide please see your doctor. Most people can be treated by medication.

If you are suicidal or considering self harm and are unable to contact your Doctor we recommend contacting the Samaritans:
Click here to be taken directly to the Samaritans phone number and e-mail address.

Help & Information | What is Depression

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