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What is Depression | Living With Depression | Depression Terms You Might Hear

Living With Depression

Depression can sometimes make every-day things such as speaking to friends, eating a meal or even just getting out of bed feel almost impossible to manage.

It can feel confusing when things you once took for granted become so difficult and many people can start to feel unsure of who they are and what they’re good at. Sometimes people may have to take time off work, find it hard to spend time with friends or family and can feel too exhausted to do the things they used to enjoy.

Not being able to ‘see’ depression in the same way you could do with a broken arm or leg can often make it feel difficult to explain to others why you find it so hard to get out of bed or why you feel unable to concentrate at work. People with depression can often feel unable to talk to their family, colleagues and friends about what they’re experiencing and may feel like they have to hide it from those around them. They might hope it will go away by itself, or that they just need to ‘toughen up’ and ’snap out of it’. Indeed, it’s often something that can go up and down and can sometimes take a long time until it becomes manageable.

Depression is different for everyone, but just like any other illness it can get better with the right help and support. There are many different ways of managing depression that can help you to lead a normal, healthy and active life.

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What is Depression | Living With Depression | Depression Terms You Might Hear

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