"companies can work with us to raise awareness of depression and bridge the gap."


There are various ways that companies can get involved with Depression Alliance. We can help you run a Depression Awareness Day or you could help by using our fantastic ClickNow Internet search facility. Please browse through the various options to get involved and support our work.

Organise a Depression Awareness Day

Depression accounts for nearly 20% of all sickness absence in the workplace and could be costing your business time and money. One in five people will be affected by depression sometime during their life - that person could be you, someone you know or someone you work with.

A person suffering from depression can feel tired, lethargic and lacking motivation. They may be suffering from poor self esteem, become forgetful, late and be unable to concentrate. These symptoms can propel the depression further when what is needed is intervention and help.

Employers can help - by informing employees of the warning signs, symptoms and how to treat depression. Early intervention can get someone back on the road to recovery quickly. It is important to remember that most people who become depressed make a full recovery and do not have a re-lapse. Losing an employee to depression can be a timely and costly waste. Investing in the mental health of your employees has its own returns.

Depression contributes to 155 million lost working days per year.

You can make that investment by holding a Depression Awareness Day. By working with Depression Alliance employers can increase awareness about depression and bridge the gap. Our Depression Awareness Programme will give your employees free access to all our literature and the opportunity to talk with our staff.

We will set up a stall in a high traffic area, such as reception, from 10am to 4pm, which will be manned throughout the day. We can also organise your internal communication or a speaker at additional cost. If you're interested in holding a Depression Awareness Day in your office please email us with your contact details and we will be happy to discuss the programme with you further.

Download our information sheet on "Understanding Depression for Managers & Employers

ClickNow - Click & Raise Funds for Depression Alliance

The Depression Alliance websearch works in exactly the same way as any other popular search engine. The only difference is that Depression Alliance will receive a donation from ClickNow based on the activity of the search page.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3 to get started:

1 Click on www.clicknow.org.uk/depressionalliance
2 Save as your homepage or in your favourites
3 Start searching

Remember to use the link to bookmark the search engine or make it your homepage to ensure that every search you do helps your favourite charity! Please let your friends and family know too - every search helps!

An average person could raise up to £50 per year for Depression Alliance, without costing them or the charitiy a penny!.

Depression Alliance is currently seeking corporate sponsorship for this facility. By making our ClickNow search engine the preferred choice by all your employees you and your staff will be able to carry out searches as normal knowing that your everyday searches are helping us to continue our vital work.

If you're interested in supporting us in a way that is at no cost to you please contact us.

Depression Alliance depends on donations to continue its vital work. To show your support please CLICK HERE to Donate using our secure donation page.