"We are committed to research the causes treatments and instances of depression in the uk."


Depression Alliance believes that more needs to be known about the causes, treatments, and instances of depression in the UK. We are therefore committed to research which either:

* Reflects and communicates the experiences of people with depression
* Explores additional or improved treatments for depression
* Identifies the levels of depression amongst the general public

Much of our research involves inviting the perspectives or experiences of our members, and is commissioned in response to an identified need. As well as working independently, we also frequently work in partnership with universities and other voluntary organisations when we believe that better results can be achieved through the pooling of our resources and experience.

Reinforcing our belief that early intervention and information play a vital part in enabling those affected by depression to recover quickly and prevent further episodes, we use the findings from our research work to educate and inform healthcare professionals, government, and the general public via the media, and also to develop and improve where necessary our own services.

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