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Self Help Groups

Depression Alliance supports a national network of self help groups across England which all welcome new members. Details of each group and how you can get in contact is set out below. Where phone numbers or email addresses are provided, it is best to contact the local volunteer Group Facilitator directly. Some groups listed simply ask newcomers to come along to the next meeting. Where contact details are not listed, we can contact the Group Facilitator on your behalf. Please send your name, address, phone number and email address to the Depression Alliance office or info (at) depressionalliance.org.

Self-Help Groups by Area

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Starting a New Group

If there isn't a local group near you but you'd like to know more about starting one, please contact the Depression Alliance office and ask for our guide to starting a new group.

Please remember...

Depression Alliance self help groups are developed and co-ordinated by volunteers (called Group Facilitators). Group facilitator are not expected to be experts on depression, nor are they trained to offer counselling or therapy to individuals. Please do not telephone a Group Facilitator for this purpose; for emotional support and information please call Saneline or The Samaritans. If there are no groups listed here that are in your area please contact MIND who also run various self help groups across the country.

Saneline 08457 678000
The Samaritans 08457 909090
MIND 08457 660163

Self Help Groups | About Self Help Groups

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