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We're Mind, the mental health charity. We provide advice and support to anyone with a mental health problem. We're continuing to run Friends in Need and to support Depression Alliance's self-help groups. We can offer you advice and support on depression, too.

Getting the time you need


The time you spend with your GP is likely to be an important part of your recovery. Most GPs have just 10 minutes to see each patient, and many will see around 30 people a day, so making your time count can make a big difference.

Making a few preparations before booking an appointment can help you to get the best service possible.

  • Talk to the receptionist about booking a double appointment. You may have to tell the receptionist that you need the extra time for help with depression
  • Don’t be rushed. If your GP is often running late, try booking the first appointment of the day in case you can be seen ahead of time
  • Consider your best time of the day. If you’re usually very low in the mornings try booking an appointment later in the afternoon, when you’ve had time to gather your thoughts and strength
  • Mention your most important concerns at the beginning of the appointment. That way they won’t get missed off if you run out of time
  • Don’t get side-tracked. Doctors often find it quicker and easier to treat physical, rather than psychological symptoms, so be aware of this if you’re experiencing both

If you’re waiting for treatment for mild depression consider our self-help techniques to help boost your mood and lift your spirits.