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We're Mind, the mental health charity. We provide advice and support to anyone with a mental health problem. We're continuing to run Friends in Need and to support Depression Alliance's self-help groups. We can offer you advice and support on depression, too.

Sharing with others

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Sharing with others

Talk to your doctor or therapist about your depression, but also try talking to others who’ve been through the same. Depression can make us feel we’re the only person in the world going through it, but hearing other people’s stories and knowing they’re experiencing similar things can help us to feel less alone. Talking about our feelings can help us to understand them, so we’re more likely to be able to manage them.

Sharing your experiences online or at a group can be a positive, fun and uplifting experience. You can listen rather than talk if you feel more comfortable, and others will understand if you find it hard to open up or if you get upset. You can even use your knowledge, ideas and experience of depression to help support others, and it can feel rewarding to feel valued and to know that you’re making a difference.

You’re most likely to benefit from sharing withothers if

  • You’re open to making friends from all walks of life.
  • You’re able to meet in person.
  • You’re willing to keep an open mind and consider different ideas and approaches.
  • You’re willing both to talk and to listen.
  • You’re not currently in crisis.

Sharing your experiences with a group can help you to find different friends, ideas and approaches, but sharing on a one-to-one level can sometimes feel more intimate. Talk to us about our penfriend service if you’d like to try sharing one-to-one support.

Try keeping a diary. Writing about our experiences can help us to understand ourselves and our emotions, and don’t forget to include both the brighter and the darker moments.