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Dan Jukes

I have always suffered with anxiety but it wasn't until my university days it began to take over, life simply 'wasn't fair' everything seemed to feel against me and I didn't understand what I had done to deserve this; self confidence has always been a real problem for me. After a disastrous break up with a girlfriend and a huge betrayal in friendship, along with other incidents, my anxiety spiralled into depression and with that I lost what I feel is the most important trait of all, trust. In friends, family and most importantly myself. I had spent a lot of my life listening to people tell me I 'can't' do things, to the point where I believed them.

I lived a very negative life for a long while, watched others live my dreams all because of the fear of failure or worrying what people would think or say. My condition made it impossible to face the interview process so I am not embarrassed to admit I have never had a 'proper job'.

After a year or so in the dark I took a brave decision to tackle this demon! I had dreams, I had plans like anyone else and I couldn't afford to let this get in the way. I promised that I would get through it and live the way I wanted to despite my problems and what others may think or say! This did not change over night in fact 2 years of ups and downs round and rounds; but I never gave up my fight for my dreams...

Today I have recently opened my 3rd business and I am living my life exactly the way I imagined. I've had many people hate and try to break me along the way but I never fell off track. My latest venture has pushed me into network marketing; this is the best decision I have EVER made. Working with 300+ like minded, positive, genuine individuals who share similar horrific life experiences but also the same fighting spirit to live their dreams as me. The genuineness and the want to see each other succeed is so refreshing, and the support is mind blowing!

I am now on a self development journey which is incredible, I am now able to do what I have always wanted to do and that is to inspire others to do what I know we are all capable of doing and what I have done; defeat our demons and live our dreams.

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