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How Lora saved my life

I have battled depression and anxiety for years as a result of issues in my childhood. I didn’t get on well with my family so my boyfriend James became my best friend, my family, and was everything to me. We had bought a little cottage together. We went travelling to America and met people on the trip, including a girl called Lora. Lora is an emotionally intelligent, caring person who is extremely wise for her age (she is only 24).

When we returned home, suddenly and out of nowhere, James broke up with me. I went into a state of shock and was signed off work for a few weeks as I just couldn’t function. I had severe depression and didn’t know what to do with myself and was suffering with crippling thoughts and feelings that I just could not go on living. I was in pieces, taking diazepam which was prescribed for my anxiety in order to numb emotional pain.

Lora lives in Glasgow, some 350+ miles from me. Despite having only known me for a month, and despite me being in such a state that would be difficult to deal with, Lora flew from Glasgow to be with me. She set up a weekend away in Devon and we went for afternoon tea, dinner, and we spent time over cups of tea while I cried and talked things through. While she was with me, she let me be how I was, and kept reminding me how well I was doing. She would sit with me while I cried, was silent with me when I couldn’t talk, but gave off such a positive energy while doing so which gave me strength. The thing that Lora did that no one else did was that she let me go through what I needed to go through. Other people would say things like ‘you’ll find someone else’, ‘pull yourself together’ or ‘at least you didn’t have children’, but Lora knew I was grieving for the future we had planned as well as everything else and knew there was no point in saying things I wasn’t ready to hear.

After Lora returned home, she called and messaged me every day without fail. She never let me feel alone. She knew that I didn’t care about myself, so one day she simply said to me ‘When you can’t get out of bed for yourself, do it for me’. So I did. I got out of bed, every day, and I did it for her, until I could do it for myself. She saved my life.

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