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Pop up, eat and talk


Catherine Clark cooked and hosted a pop up restaurant in Surrey, to raise funds for Depression Alliance. A long time sufferer of depression, Catherine's mission is to get the condition 'out of the closet' and talked about. To that end she had three speakers – a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist, a mindfulness practitioner and a representative from Catalyst to talk to the diners between courses.

Catherine said “I have personally found that first and foremost, the way through is to share and communicate my distress. It helps me and more importantly it informs those around me what I am going through. I even mentioned it to a work agency the other day when I was particularly down and instead of lying and saying I was sick I told them the truth. The world didn't fall in!”

Although when going through a bad patch, she finds it hard to even get out of bed, Catherine believes there are things out there that can help sufferers, she works out daily and is a keen member of the local amateur dramatic group.

Catherine found the tickets particularly easy to sell and interestingly almost all the guests had either a direct or indirect connection with depression. “It is so widespread and raises so much interest” said Catherine “I had to turn lots of people down so I may have another one next year”. Along with the help of celebrity antiques expert David Ford, Catherine has raised an impressive £745 for Depression Alliance

pop up speakers

Well I am Nicky Ford and I am Catherine`s mother. I have supported her through her bouts of depression over the years and I have always admired her fighting spirit. Depression runs right through our family from my grandfather, mother, brother, daughter and niece so I have learnt not to be judgemental, which some people with no experience of the illness can be. The idea that people with depression need to 'pull themselves together' is unfortunately around still. I was therefore very proud of the event Catherine hosted, not the least because she got up in front of everybody and briefly talked about her own experiences - it was extremely successful and there are plans afoot to hold one next year as so many people were unable to buy tickets.

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