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We're Mind, the mental health charity. We provide advice and support to anyone with a mental health problem. We're continuing to run Friends in Need and to support Depression Alliance's self-help groups. We can offer you advice and support on depression, too.

Why we're running for dad

On the 26th March 2006 our dad Eddie Herbert lost his long battle with depression. He had suffered with the illness for several years and as it was too big a battle for him to overcome, he decided the only way out was to take his own life.

Eddie was the funniest, kind hearted, friendly and most family orientated man you would ever meet. Throughout his battle with depression he found life hard and lost interest in the things he use to love doing. As a family this was heart breaking to see and we did all we could to help him. Many people believe suicide to be a selfish act, however, until you experience depression yourself or see someone you love suffer with the illness you realise why they believe it is their only way out.

A quote our dad told me a few years before his death will remain with me forever and I believe it relates to depression: "It's easy to criticise - but it's hard to understand." To me this is basically saying you can criticise a person suffering with depression, but as you don't know how that person is feeling you'll never really understand what they are going through. As a family we knew what our dad was going through and as much as we knew it wasn't the decision he had to make, we understood why he did it. Life became so hard for him that no matter how much he tried to get help, he just couldn't take any more suffering.

Several years after his death we got in touch with Depression Alliance to see the work they do to help people suffering with depression. We felt that after the loss of our dad it was time to make a difference and help those suffering with depression. We don't want a person and family going through what we did and that's why we want people to speak up about depression and get the help that is available. We will always remember our dad as a happy family man and his memory will forever live on in all of us.

By running the British10k we are keeping him close to our hearts. Knowing that we are effectively saving people from taking their own lives makes us proud, and that's why we are raising money for this fantastic charity. When it comes to the day of the run it will be emotional, but it will also be a very proud moment as we will be doing it for our dad who will be looking down, cheering us on to the finish line! I know that our dad would be very proud to see us fundraising for Depression Alliance, especially as he was always the type of man to help others."Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it."

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