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Behind the Smile

“His poetry is lyrical, tender and profoundly moving...It is how those of us with depression live; adrift in the dark depths but forever struggling to the sunlit shallows.” Sally Brampton, author of Shoot the Damn Dog.

At Depression Alliance we’re celebrating the latest critically acclaimed anthology from poet Stan Frith, who tragically lost his son Jason after a four year battle with depression. With all profits from the book being donated to our life-saving work, Behind the Smile explores themes of love, shame and our understanding of life, and is a must-read for all families affected by depression. Buy a copy today from the JustGiving page and let’s end the loneliness and isolation of depression together.

“My son Jason was well-grounded but spirited; a complex but charismatic teenager who opted to become a singer/songwriter instead of going to university. He wrote some good songs and it ought to have made him proud and happy, but sadly it did not. His life was never quite what he wanted it to be. Had we been aware of Depression Alliance several years earlier, there is a strong possibility the outcome that devastated our family might have been avoided.” Stan Frith, poet and author of Behind the Smile.

behind the smile

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