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The Global Crisis of Depression

On Tuesday 25th November, Kofi Annan, the former UN Secretary General called for the tackling of depression to be made a global priority.

Kofi Annan: “failure to tackle depression undermines fundamental human rights”

At The Global Crisis of Depression forum organised by The Economist, Depression Alliance Chief Executive Emer O’Neill met with leading policy makers, psychiatrists and business leaders to address the crippling economic and psychological cost of depression and to urge for further action and resources to overcome it.

At Depression Alliance we know that your voice is now being heard and that change is happening. Businesses have listened and yesterday proved that many are now leading by example in prioritising funding and resources to manage depression in the workplace, just as they would a physical illness.

But we’re urging for more. At the forum we heard from large businesses providing excellent support for staff with depression, but the reality is that most small and medium sized employers are not and cannot. Without the financial resources, even the most well intentioned employer will struggle to handle some of the costs and complexities of making reasonable adjustments to ensure a healthy, happy workforce, and change will not happen for most of us at work or for the economy until we confront this head on.

Emer O'Neill's response from the forum, “We were delighted to be a part of the forum and to hear that there’s such good support from some large employers, but let’s not forget about small companies who may have good policies and good intentions but are unable to implement them, as they don’t have the financial resources to do so. At Depression Alliance we recommend a making funding available to support SMEs to implement good practice.”

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