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We're Mind, the mental health charity. We provide advice and support to anyone with a mental health problem. We're continuing to run Friends in Need and to support Depression Alliance's self-help groups. We can offer you advice and support on depression, too.

"I feel stronger in my daily life"

Our Friends in Need community has now reached 10,000 users.

Good friends who understand depression can be a life-line, which is why over 10,000 people are now meeting for free through our Friends in Need community to talk and share support in their local area and online. At Depression Alliance we know how devastating the loneliness and isolation of depression can be, so we’re extremely pleased to see so many people connecting with others who understand to support each other day and night, through the darker times and the better times.

Friends in Need user Carol from Merseyside joined Friends in Need last summer when she was looking for help with depression. “I couldn’t believe there wasn’t anything set up in my area, so I registered with Friends in Need and started asking if anybody was interested in getting together.”

A few months later and Carol was enjoying regular meet ups every Saturday with new friends she’d met through the site, including Caroline, Ged and Tony. Caroline says, “I feel stronger in my daily life, knowing I have a good support network behind me. The group vibe is positive and we have a very strong and unique connection. It helps with the feelings of isolation as we tend to understand each other’s problems. We feel we can be honest.”

Since its launch just over a year ago at 10 Downing Street, Friends in Need now boasts over 300 groups like Carol’s across the UK. Depression Alliance Chief Executive Emer O’Neill says, “Just knowing that 10,000 people with depression have joined up to make the Friends in Need community happen is amazing, but we still have a long way to go. Depression has taken control and ruined too many lives, but by building the Friends in Need network we know that we can put an end to dreadful loneliness that prevents people from coming forward to get help. So thank you to all who use the community - every day you swamp the site with kindness, and humour and common sense. Knowing that we’re here and growing by the day is so powerful, and one day everyone who has depression or knows someone with depression will know what to do about it."

Join Friends in Need for free to connect online, meet new friends and join local meet ups and activities.

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