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Kensington Palace hosts Friends in Need awards

FiN Awards

Our second annual Friends in Need awards ceremony took place yesterday amongst the prestige of Kensington Palace, and thank you so much to everyone who took part.

As part of Depression Awareness Week, the event was a unique opportunity to show our appreciation for those individuals who’d gone that extra mile to make a real difference for someone during their road to recovery from depression. We simply asked you, 'who was your friend when you were in need?' and the tributes came pouring in.

Amongst our winners were dutiful husbands, life-long friends, committed therapists and devoted volunteers, all of whom had shown unwavering patience, kindness and understanding to help someone during their darkest times. The success of the event proved what our work and our message as a charity has always been about: that the understanding, support and friendship of others who understand can truly be life-saving. Even small acts of kindness can make a big difference.

Neil told us why he'd nominated his girlfriend Charlotte to win an award.“I was totally lost in the wilderness and going around in circles. My mind at times was like having a pair of headphones in your pocket...every time you needed to use them they were always tangled. Charlotte was the one who untangled it all… she bought me back to life.”

If you're in need of a friend or can support someone living with depression, join our Friends in Need community.

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