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CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies for Anxiety and Depression

Summary Version: We recommend gummies sold by Farma Health. CBD has become one of the most sought-after medicines on the market today. Not only is it able to treat a wide range of ailments ranging from cancer to arthritis, CBD is known to be effective without causing any obvious side effects. It can be used […]

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Panic Attack Treatment

Helpful Tips for Panic Attack Treatment

A panic attack is a condition characterized by a sudden onset of symptoms of fear and anxiety, which peak within 10 minutes before resolving. Panic attacks may be triggered by stress, injury, emotional or physical trauma, substance use, or stimulant drugs. Recurrent panic attacks may cause significant emotional and psychological distress to an individual and […]

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Anxiety Therapy

What is Anxiety Therapy and How Can It Help?

What is Anxiety? The function of anxiety is to help people to escape from danger. Feelings of anxiety usually trigger a fight or flight response. They may also cause you to freeze. Anxiety is a natural response to situations that could put you in harm’s way. However, if you experience persistent anxiety on a regular […]

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inferiority complex

Inferiority Complex: 5 Ways to Start Raising Your Self-Esteem

Feeling inferior is something we all experience at some point in our lives. Whether you didn’t make the school football team or your sibling received higher grades than you, feeling inferior to them is a familiar feeling. In most cases, this feeling of inferiority is short-lived; we bounce back from those negative feelings, and it […]

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Encopresis: Involuntary Soiling

Encopresis is a disorder that affects children between the ages of 4 to 17 years of age.  Although it is not very common, it is also not rare.  This disorder can be frustrating for parents and especially stressful for children.  This article will talk about what Encopresis is, symptoms and how to get help. Encopresis […]

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Circadian Rhythm Disorder

What is Circadian Rhythm Disorder?

Circadian Rhythm Disorder impacts the sleep-wake cycle and prevents those impacted from being able to adjust to the demands of their social or work schedules. This disorder can be frustrating, but there are treatment options available to help those with Circadian Rhythm Disorder. Circadian Rhythm Disorder: What Does It Mean? Circadian rhythm describes the body’s […]

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Rumination Disorder

What is Rumination Disorder?

Rumination Disorder: What Does It Mean? Rumination disorder, which is also referred to as rumination syndrome, is a chronic, rare disorder. This disorder can be found in infants, children, and adults, and can have life-threatening side effects. The primary indicator of Rumination disorder is the regurgitation of food after nearly every meal, if not after […]

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 Dyspareunia: Painful Intercourse

At some time in their life, most women experience pain when having sexual relations. This can be due to many different reasons. Usually, it goes away. However, if you always suffer pain when you have sex with your partner, you could have a treatable medical condition called Dyspareunia. Dyspareunia: What Does It Mean? Dyspareunia means […]

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The DA Complete Guide to Depression

Depression (also called clinical depression, major depression, unipolar depression, or major depressive disorder) is a common mood disorder that is both serious and treatable. It is characterized by a prolonged period of low mood that impacts how you think, feel, and act on a daily basis. This article provides a complete overview of depression, including […]

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Complex PTSD: A Starting Guide

Experiencing a trauma – like a car accident, a robbery or being sexually violated – can have a devastating impact on your health and wellbeing. Those who are seriously affected by a single traumatic incident may end up with a diagnosis of simple PTSD. But what happens if you’ve experienced multiple and repeated traumas instead […]

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