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Mental Health Podcast

The DA Guide to the Top 5 Mental Health Podcasts

For those of us who are dealing with emotional problems, watching a mental health podcast can be surprisingly helpful. From providing useful tips to reducing the stigma attached to mental illness, podcasts are a valuable resource for people who might not be able to afford therapy. But mental health podcasts are not dedicated exclusively to […]

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5 Powerful Ways to Start Dealing With Social Anxiety

Many people dislike public speaking or prefer not to be in a crowded space. Typically, it is still possible to participate in such activities when it is required. For some individuals, this is not the case. When people are dealing with social anxiety, they might find social settings so difficult that it feels entirely impossible […]

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Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder

Persistent complex bereavement disorder (PCBD), formerly called complicated grief, is a condition defined by an extreme, disabling yearning for a deceased loved one for a prolonged period of time. Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder: What Does It Mean? Bereavement is a time of mourning after a loss—typically the death of a loved one. It usually involves […]

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Aspergers in Adults

Aspergers in Adults: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

What is Aspergers Syndrome Asperger’s syndrome is a neurobiological, developmental disorder related to autism. People with Asperger’s syndrome tend to be higher functioning than other individuals on the autism spectrum. Aspergers in adults is typically seen as an individual with an above average intellectual ability paired with severely inadequate social skills and often an all-absorbing, […]

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Disorganized Schizophrenia

Myths and Facts About Depression Symptoms

How much do you know about depression? Take this Alliance depression quiz about depression symptoms and depression treatment to learn depression myths and facts.

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