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How to Deal With Anxiety

How to Deal with Anxiety: 7 Steps to Start Using Now

Symptoms of anxiety affect millions of people every day, and they can be overwhelming. Many people experience these symptoms during times of high stress or emotion, and outside of these times are able to function with minimal to no anxiety. Others suffer from anxiety attacks with little-to-no warning, and these emotions can prevent them from […]

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Couples Counseling

Getting Your Relationship Back on Track with Couples Counseling

Many couples experience stress with their partners that may not be resolved until they understand how their emotions and behaviors affect each other. This is where couples counseling comes in. Couples counseling is of different types and uses various techniques aimed at helping couples understand themselves better and gain a deeper insight into the causes […]

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Anxiety Therapy

What is Anxiety Therapy and How Can It Help?

What is Anxiety? The function of anxiety is to help people to escape from danger. Feelings of anxiety usually trigger a fight or flight response. They may also cause you to freeze. Anxiety is a natural response to situations that could put you in harm’s way. However, if you experience persistent anxiety on a regular […]

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Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Everything You Need To Know About Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is one of the so-called third-wave of behavioral psychological treatments. Each of these approaches uses mindfulness principles in conjunction with cognitive and behavioral techniques to treat a variety of mental illnesses. Bringing together two seemingly disparate theoretical models, MBCT aims to get the best of both worlds. While mindfulness is at […]

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The DA Guide to Psychodrama

As a child, you probably had intense sessions with your playmates where you played dress up, took on a character and pretended to be a different person entirely. This is known as role-playing. Role-playing is a major feature of psychodrama. Psychodrama is a creative form of therapy that digs deep through role play in a […]

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What is Brainspotting and How Does it Work?

Brainspotting is a new treatment approach which works by identifying, processing, and releasing stored negative or traumatic experiences from the brain to help affected individuals heal from within. It also promotes healing for individuals suffering from physical pain. Brainspotting: What is it? Brainspotting is a new model of psychotherapy created to help people overcome negative […]

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Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy: Ancient Techniques for Modern Healing

Yoga therapy uses postures and breathing techniques to facilitate healing from psychological and physical conditions. Meditation also plays a role in achieving improved emotional wellbeing. While yoga is often associated with physical exercise and relaxation, it can also be used to enhance your overall health. The holistic approach of this therapy means that it includes […]

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Systems Theory

The DA Guide to Systems Theory in Therapy

When you are struggling in your relationships, family of origin, or workplace dynamics, you may want to seek help to improve the situation and your quality of life. You might consider therapy and one helpful therapy approach could be systems theory. Learn all about systems theory and how it can help you: Systems Theory: What […]

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Wilderness Therapy

Everything About Wilderness Therapy

Do you enjoy adventure activities? Then wilderness therapy may be the right option for you. During these therapy sessions, you’ll learn more about yourself through fun and challenging activities in a natural setting. Support from mental health professionals and your peers helps to facilitate the healing process. Wilderness Therapy: What is it? Wilderness therapy uses […]

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Holotropic Breathwork

The DA Guide to Holotropic Breathwork

To understand how holotropic breathwork emerged as a new approach to mental health and well-being, first we must look at transpersonal psychology. With a holistic and integrative perspective on the human mind, transpersonal psychology extends psychological research to the spiritual dimension of existence, focusing on the study of ‘states’ and the processes in which people […]

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