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it is what it is

It Is What It Is: How This Phrase Is Actually Harming You

It Is What It Is – Seriously? Voted USA Today’s No. 1 cliché of 2004, “it is what it is” might be one of your biggest pet peeves when it comes to a typical response to any event. Didn’t get into the college you wanted? It is what it is. The guy you were super […]

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rejection sensitive dysphoria

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria: What Is It & How to Deal With It

Do you often feel like you are constantly under pressure? Do you avoid trying new things due to fear of failure? Are you in a constant state of panic in your relationships? Is your anxiety unbearable? Do you often feel depressed and alone, and like you are constantly rejected by friends, family, or your spouse […]

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gabapentin for anxiety

Gabapentin for Anxiety: Everything You Need To Know

What is Gabapentin? Gabapentin is a prescription medication, most commonly sold under the brand name, Neurontin. It is a primarily known for being a drug treatment for nerve pain as well as being an anticonvulsant, or epileptic drug. However, Gabapentin for anxiety is becoming increasingly popular. While Neurontin is the most common brand name, you […]

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famous narcissists

Famous Narcissists: Depression Alliance’s Top 8

You often hear people who have high levels of fame, success, or notoriety being talked about as famous narcissists. What is narcissism, and narcissistic personality disorder, and why do some famous people get the label of being narcissists? Narcissism in a Nutshell Narcissism, as a positive personality trait, is something many people may have. We […]

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