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What is Brainspotting and How Does it Work?

Brainspotting is a new treatment approach which works by identifying, processing, and releasing stored negative or traumatic experiences from the brain to help affected individuals heal from within. It also promotes healing for individuals suffering from physical pain. Table of Contents Brainspotting: What is it?Brainspotting TheoryHow Does Brainspotting Suggest the Mind Works?How Does Brainspotting Cause […]

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Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy: Ancient Techniques for Modern Healing

Yoga therapy uses postures and breathing techniques to facilitate healing from psychological and physical conditions. Meditation also plays a role in achieving improved emotional wellbeing. While yoga is often associated with physical exercise and relaxation, it can also be used to enhance your overall health. The holistic approach of this therapy means that it includes […]

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Systems Theory

The DA Guide to Systems Theory in Therapy

When you are struggling in your relationships, family of origin, or workplace dynamics, you may want to seek help to improve the situation and your quality of life. You might consider therapy and one helpful therapy approach could be systems theory. Learn all about systems theory and how it can help you: Table of Contents […]

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CBD Oil for Depression

CBD Oil: A Cure for Depression?

  Summary Version: CBD oil has gained massive popularity as a natural treatment for depression. We recommend Nanocraft Day Formula, reviewed and lab tested by Farma Health. Table of Contents What is Depression?Stats about DepressionWhat are the Traditional Treatments for Depression?Therapy for DepressionMedications for DepressionHome Remedies for DepressionWhat is CBD?CBD vs. THCCBD Oil EffectsDoes CBD […]

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Wilderness Therapy

Everything About Wilderness Therapy

Do you enjoy adventure activities? Then wilderness therapy may be the right option for you. During these therapy sessions, you’ll learn more about yourself through fun and challenging activities in a natural setting. Support from mental health professionals and your peers helps to facilitate the healing process. Table of Contents Wilderness Therapy: What is it?Wilderness […]

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Holotropic Breathwork

The DA Guide to Holotropic Breathwork

To understand how holotropic breathwork emerged as a new approach to mental health and well-being, first we must look at transpersonal psychology. With a holistic and integrative perspective on the human mind, transpersonal psychology extends psychological research to the spiritual dimension of existence, focusing on the study of ‘states’ and the processes in which people […]

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The DA Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Among the myriad of therapy approaches, neuro-linguistic programming is a lesser known one. When you first consider that name, neuro-linguistic programming, you might think it has something to do with the brain and language. Such assumptions are not far off. Neuro-linguistic programming is an approach towards understanding the human mind, from the stance that everyone […]

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Cognitive Processing Therapy

Everything About Cognitive Processing Therapy

Cognitive processing therapy is a proven way to help those who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or other trauma disorders. It is a type of therapy that helps those who have suffered from a traumatic event reshape their thought process to live a happier life. Finding a qualified therapist for Cognitive processing therapy can help […]

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Aversion Therapy

All About Aversion Therapy

Aversion therapy is used to help people to overcome undesirable habits or behavior. It does this by associating the habit which is to be changed with an unpleasant sensation so that the person does not want to continue doing it. Table of Contents Aversion Therapy: What is it?Aversion Therapy TheoryHow Does Aversion Therapy Suggest the […]

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Understanding the Truth Behind Hypnotherapy

What if there were a quick and simple way to access the deepest parts of your mind, allowing you to alter thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are not serving you? What if a trained professional could help you use your own mind to control pain, stop smoking, lose weight or cope with depression and anxiety? […]

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